Most popular products of 2023

Hooray - here you can find all the favorite products of 2023! Whether you're looking for comfort and performance, atmosphere, or energy and power on the field - you're guaranteed to find what you want. Are you ready for an adventure?


Blue and white favourites

National team hoodie 2.0 - A classic since birth!

"National team hoodie 2.0" is a tribute to the jersey loved by the entire soccer community, with which the Huuhkajat played their first European Championships in history.

The blue cross of the hoodie is gradient colored, just like the blue cross of the jersey used in the European Championships. The magnificent coat of arms of Finland on the chest glistens proudly with its golden edges. This hoodie is simply beautiful!


"Absolutely amazing outfit! Including the most amazing outfits of any Finnish national team. High-quality material, comfortable to wear."

Kari L

blue and white favourites

National team cotton fan shirt

The Suomi fan shirt combines the pride of the Huuhkajat and Helmarit official home game shirt and the comfort of a t-shirt made of high-quality organic cotton. Each shirt is made from 100% organic Fair Trade cotton, so you can feel as good as you look while cheering!


"Nice and stylish fan shirt. Good quality. Very pleasing to the recipient."

Jessica P

Blue and white favourites

A huge selection of blue and white supporter products

The bold blue cross design of the national team exudes unity and pride. When you wear it, you not only belong to the football family, but you are part of the Finnish sports community.

Tyyliä arkeen -suosikit


suosikit harjoitteluun

Favorites for training

Take your training to a new level

Welcome to a new era in football training. Practice alone, with friends, indoors or outdoors, the ball belt is a fun tool for soccer kicking and technique exercises!

Attach your own ball to the ball holder, place the velcro belt around your waist and the training can begin.

Suitable for kicking practice for balls size 3, 4 and 5.


"Good. Great product, my daughter hasn't taken the belt off much since she got it."

Henry. P

Favorites for training

When it gets dark, the games begin

Whether it's training in the twilight of the evening sun or a night game with friends, this ball makes soccer an experience you won't forget! The glow-in-the-dark ball brings a unique additional element to the game and makes every touch magical.


"A great product for dark nights! You can find it even in the darkest corner of the field!"

Mirka L.


Favorite games and toys


The Huuhkajat-masks came to the attention of the football community on 15.11.2019 at the latest, and for good reason! #MeOlemmeSuomi


"Art, pure art."

Miikka V.


"Not a better purchase! The product is rated 10/5 if you ask me, but 5/5 if I'm telling the truth. Perfect as an accessory for everyday life as well as for a party. Guaranteed quality."

Patrik S.

Favorite games and toys


Follow your passion even outside the field! Our football-themed books offer, among other things, stories about legends, excitement and inspiration page by page...


"The book is simple enough, but still a comprehensive package of information for young footballplayers."


suosikit kotiin